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About Us

Hartman Concrete Construction was originally formed in 1986 with two employees and a strong desire to create a quality project. In 1996, the original members of Hartman Concrete Construction incorporated and become Hartman Concrete, Inc. but the desire for quality construction remained the same.

After struggling for years with a separate office and warehouse, in 2006 we moved into our own 1,500 square foot office and 5,000 square foot warehouse on almost 2 acres in Manchester Township, York County. This move has consolidated our operations and made us much more efficient.

Over the years we have completed projects of varying sizes, from repairing a small section of sidewalk at a private residence to completing warehouses that measure several acres under roof and from innovative recycling centers to the corner convenience store.

The size of our staff has grown steadily over the years, to a current employee count of about 25 individuals. And while our sales volume has also grown, we have never lost sight of our core commitment to quality.