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The York County Department of Parks and Recreation is part of the York County Government and is governed by the York County Board of Commissioners. The York County Advisory Board of Parks and Recreation works with the Executive Director and staff to maintain and preserve your parks. The York County Parks Foundation Charitable Trust oversees monies that are donated to the parks for either specific projects or in-kind donations.

In 1968, the Board of County Commissioners faced the realization of diminishing open space and an increasing public demand for recreation and park facilities and programs. The York County Parks Department was established to provide the community with a wide variety of activities and to acquire, develop, maintain and preserve lands for further generations to enjoy.

The York County Parks currently maintains over 4,300 acres for your enjoyment. Each park features different activities and a different theme. So whether your interests include relaxation, sports, environmental education, history, wilderness or recreation, there is something in the York County Parks for everyone.