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Springettsbury Township Board of Supervisors Support the Immediate Movement of York County, Springettsbury Township to Green Phase of Governor’s Phased Reopening Plan

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June 05, 2020


 The Springettsbury Township Board of Supervisors, in an effort to support Township residents and businesses, passed Resolution 2020-42 in support of the immediate movement of York County, including Springettsbury Township to the Green Phase of the Governor’s Phased Reopening Plan. 

On March 19, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf ordered all “non-life sustaining” businesses to close and a “Stay at Home Order” was issued on March 27. These official orders caused many residents to be laid off and/or furloughed further resulting in decreased or eliminated incomes to support their families. Additionally, many businesses have been impacted by the “Stay at Home Order” and will have a difficult time recovering and remaining in business as the business closures continue. 

Given the significant business closures, municipalities in York County, including Springettsbury Township are seeing and will continue to see, Earned Income Tax revenues decrease. This decrease in revenues may result in an increase in 2021 real estate property taxes for much needed municipal services to continue or other austerity measures could be implemented to save money that may lead to a reduction of municipal services. 

On May 22, 2020 York County was moved from the Red Phase to the Yellow Phase as part of Governor Wolf’s “Phased Reopening Plan”; however no established metrics have been provided to move from the Yellow Phase to the Green Phase. This lack of clarity places residents and businesses in limbo as to when they will be able to return to normal activities. 

The Township understands our most vulnerable residents must be protected, but also knows that businesses and residents must be given the opportunity to move forward to financially survive the pandemic. Residents and businesses of York County and Springettsbury Township cannot afford to have its economy closed for an indefinite period of time without substantial negative consequences. 

The Board of Supervisors applaud those businesses that are strictly following the evolving safety guidelines as issued by the National, State, and local authorities to create safe environments for their customers. Residents are encouraged to continue to safely support local businesses. 

Additionally, the Board of Supervisors supports the continued efforts of State and local leaders to institute safety precautions to protect employees and customers of businesses which choose to reopen. 

The efforts of businesses to safely provide services in accordance with guidance provided, further encourages the Board of Supervisors to support the immediate movement of York County, including Springettsbury Township to the Green Phase. 

Springettsbury Township Resolution No. 2020-42


Mark Swomley
Chairman, Board of Supervisors