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Lovol Ltd., BPO Consultants: Covid 19 - Statement

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March 24, 2020
This is Kristen Carn Roldán and Julian Roldán, partners of Lovol Ltd., BPO Consultants! Although our healthcare industry is overwhelmed with challenges, we want to offer you a glimmer of hope.  
For the past 20+ years, my partner Julian and I have been learning the remarkable service offerings of cloud-based contact centers and call centers as well as studying the new software solutions - the ones that keep employees safe, protected, and free of virus sharing scenarios.
We have realized the benefits of a stabilizing, crisis ready (BPO) business model and would like to help you, your company, and especially the healthcare industry decision makers navigate implementation of these remarkable services.
Our consultancy is engineered to offer your company reduced costs as well as a business partner poised and ready to tackle crisis such as the health crisis we are facing today.
For your future and for the future health of your company, we recommend Lovol consultants to help your company utilize outsource vendors and resources!
…but if you have a moment, please learn more of how Lovol, BPO Consultants can work for you!
Kind regards,
Kristen Carn Roldán & Julián Roldán
221 W. Philadelphia St., Ste. #45
York, PA 17401, USA

Our Story
Lovol Ltd. is a BPO referral and advisory firm committed to helping multinational companies in several industries, including the healthcare industry find the best outsourcing partner. Our consultancy strives to lower costs, create flexibility, and foster better business outcomes for your company. Let Lovol leverage your company's distinct strengths and help cultivate your company's competitive edge. We offer advising, sales, and referral services as well as partnership management to help your company compete in today's market.
Visit https://www.lovolbpoconsultants.com/ to learn more