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Just Announced: First-of-its-Kind Democracy Challenge to Feature Former Governors Rendell, Schweiker

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August 21, 2019

Immigration in PA to be debated by former Governors

As politics escalate and discourse rises, compromise often appears out of reach as issues facing Americans languish on the negotiating table. 
To demonstrate how a necessary shift in political discourse and the lost art of compromise is needed to advance our democracy in the face of an ever-changing political stage and conflicting priorities, the York County Economic Alliance announced earlier today the launch of the first-ever Democracy Challenge featuring former Governors Ed Rendell (D) and Mark Schweiker (R).  
THE CHALLENGE: Reach a compromised solution to the state’s challenge of providing a legal pathway to the workforce for undocumented immigrants living in Pennsylvania.  
CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: Former Governors Ed Rendell (D) and Mark Schweiker (R)
RULES OF PLAY: As a master clock ticks down from 60 minutes, the Governors will introduce the policy and their respective viewpoints, debate potential solutions, and before the clock hits zero, they must reach a compromise. Debate, deliberation, and a democratic compromise, all done in full view of the audience, with a little help from a moderator.  
“No one leader has the only approach that works in a democracy, and this debate might just inspire leaders in Harrisburg to consider that even with competing points of view we can come together to create a solution that generates accountability and supports the economic vitality of the state,” said Governor Schweiker. 
The topic chosen for debate is a state’s role in immigration reform. “Immigration isn’t an issue that breaks republican or democrat,” said Governor Ed Rendell.  “From a practical standpoint we’re not going to deport 11 million people, particularly because they are a key portion of the workforce doing jobs that most Americans won’t.”  


No caucus. No whipping votes. No vetoes.
One issue. Two viewpoints. One solution.
Democracy Challenge!


Democracy Challenge, sponsored by Comcast and in partnership with York College of Pennsylvania, will be held Wednesday Sept. 18 with doors opening at 5 pm at York College’s Waldner Performing Arts Center. 
“This is a never-before-done event, started right here in York,” said Kevin Schreiber, president and CEO of the YCEA. “As America’s budgetary challenges, social needs, and societal norms evolve challenges arise - crafting policy that works is always possible if an agreement among lawmakers to participate and cooperate exists.”  

All media are invited to attend. Tickets and additional details are available atwww.democracychallenge.com 


About the YCEA
YCEA drives York County’s economic growth by leveraging the collaboration, resources and expertise needed to create sustainable prosperity. For information on the York County Economic Alliance visit www.yceapa.org.


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