Ambient Home Launches to Revolutionize Senior Living with Smart Home Technology

Ambient Home Launches to Revolutionize Senior Living with Smart Home Technology

New Oxford, PA - Ambient Home, a new company specializing in senior living solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative smart home technology for senior living facilities. The new technology integrates smart home technology into senior living facilities, making it easier for seniors to live comfortably and independently.

Ambient Home is committed to providing seniors with the latest smart home technology to enhance their quality of life. With its innovative solutions, Ambient Home is looking to change how seniors live in care facilities. 

"At Ambient Home, our goal is to help facilities provide seniors with the highest quality of life possible," said Alex Louderback, CEO of Ambient Home. "Our innovative smart home technology aims to revolutionize the senior living industry by providing a safe, comfortable, and connected experience for seniors."

Ambient Home's platform integrates a variety of smart devices, such as temperature control systems, lighting, and locks, and brings them into a single user-friendly application. Residents and facilities control the platform through voice commands, a mobile app, or from a switch flip or key, making it accessible and easy to use for residents. Residents can also share access allowing family members or facility staff to assist them with select devices.

The launch of Ambient Home comes at a time when the senior living industry requires new solutions. With the increasing number of seniors, there is a growing demand for innovative solutions to meet their unique needs. Ambient Home is committed to meeting this demand with its cutting-edge technology and excellent technical support. 

"Ambient Home supports both residents and staff with training and technical support to ensure everyone can use the platform to better the lives of residents," said John Gallo, COO of Ambient Home. "Our goal is to help seniors leverage technology to help them stay safe and maintain their freedom."

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About Ambient Home:

Ambient Home is a Central-PA-based company focused on improving the quality of life for seniors. The company integrates various smart home devices, including voice assistants, temperature control systems, smart lighting, and more. Ambient Home is committed to using technology to impact seniors while helping them maintain their freedom positively.


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Ambient Home

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