A Bold Move to Pivot Amidst COVID-19 Saved Dozens of Jobs and Led to More Than $2M in Sales in Less than a Year!

There are events that happen in a lifetime that will never have to be explained to those who lived through them. This pandemic will forever be understood for its impact by those who experienced it, struggled through it, and survived it. As coronavirus spread rapidly throughout our cities, Bailey Coach, a transportation company headquartered in York, PA, was forced to lay off 51 of its 57 employees. Nearly one year later, Vice President Courtney Bailey is still overcome with emotion and struggles to articulate how difficult that day was—to tell her work family the news.   
During one of the darkest times in the company’s 23 year history, an idea was born. Could the company sell the fogging solutions it had used for years to sanitize its Bailey Coach fleet? The disinfecting application of fogging did, after all, kill COVID-19 and other viruses.  Fast forward less than a year later and the answer is YES! 
In less than a year from launching Bailey’s Zero Hazard, the fogging company, which is owned and operated by two determined women, saw sales reach $2 Million. Bailey’s Zero Hazard provides disinfecting services to local companies and municipalities and sells its fogging equipment and solution all over the country.  
Fogging is an application method of applying a cleaner or disinfectant with a machine that uses large volumes of air at low pressures to transform disinfectant into droplets that are dispersed into the atmosphere. The droplet size on the foggers that the Bailey’s Zero Hazard technicians use is about 3 times smaller than the tip of human hair, so no wiping is required, making fogging a very efficient disinfecting application and allowing technicians to treat up to 23,000 square feet per hour per technician. Bailey’s Zero Hazard’s solution is quickly becoming recognized as industry leading and preferred among major manufacturers. 
Today, what was once Bailey Coach, has transformed into the Bailey Family of Companies. The company now offers its disinfecting services through Bailey’s Zero Hazard, automotive services through Bailey Automotive, and as from the beginning, transportation services through Bailey Coach.  Ask Courtney Bailey what led to the company’s recent success and she’ll tell you, “100 percent employee adaptability. We have the absolute best employees here who, instead of leaving us, hung in there and did everything they could to ensure we came out okay on the other end of this.” 
If you visit company headquarters now, you’ll find drivers that are now fogging technicians, mechanics who used to work on 50,0000-pound busses now servicing 8-pound foggers, office staff who use to book bus trips and airport transportation trips now scheduling disinfecting treatments and fulfilling shipping orders, and driver instructors now picking up and delivering disinfecting solution.  
Bailey Coach experienced a 95% loss in revenue in 2020, but because its employees were able and willing to learn new skills and make that pivot, Bailey’s Zero Hazard has thrived.  
Each week the Bailey’s Zero Hazard technicians disinfect approximately 3.2 Million square feet of space for businesses within a 2-hour radius of York, PA. The other half of their company consists of selling fogging equipment and solution, and training others how to utilize fogging for their businesses in order to keep their employees and customers safe. Bailey’s Zero Hazard also hosts bi-weekly training webinars where they certify their customers as foggers to equip them with the tools necessary to fog their own space.   
About Bailey’s Zero Hazard 
Bailey’s Zero Hazard is a majority woman owned company led by Courtney Bailey and Kristy Fasano, who are mentored by founder John Bailey.  Since the beginning, the Bailey family has always had a commitment to community service, and with these two new businesses in full swing, both of their new ventures continue to support the local community. Over a nine-week period from March- May 2020, Bailey Family of Companies donated over 315 hours of time to sanitize 800+ first responder vehicles as a complimentary service to the community. Their automotive staff provided free PA vehicle inspections and emissions to Veteran’s in honor of Veteran’s Day 2020.  

Courtney Bailey, VP of Sales & Operations Bailey Family of Companies 

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