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Vice President Strategic Development & Financing

York County Economic Alliance
Job Description

This is a senior level position to oversee the economic and community development project team for the York County Economic Alliance, to include the planning, execution and close out of development projects. Specifically, this position will strategically develop public and private partnership projects, working to establish community consensus and collaboration to lead community project prioritization, financing and development. This position will develop and deploy a comprehensive economic and community development project pipeline for YCEA and its affiliated organizations. The position will include technical assistance in the planning and coordination of development projects, assisting business or development partnerships through the project process, and providing research and expertise for YCEA-led projects.
Job Duties:
Develop short and long-term economic and community development plans, as well as the gathering of information and preparation of studies, reports, and recommendations to achieve such goals.
Develop and maintain a comprehensive economic development action plan for York County.
Direct economic development initiatives to achieve the goals and objectives outlined by the Economic Development Plan.
Identify and coalesce project funding from conceptualization to development.
Lead the development and implementation of a multi-year comprehensive organization plan to grow and diversify YCEA’s brick and mortar development capacity and resources.
Serve as a liaison with sister organizations, local, state, and federal governmental agencies, coordinating projects with partners as deemed necessary and appropriate.
Understand information pertaining to area utilities, taxes, zoning, transportation, community services, financing tools, and economic development incentives.
Coordination with other departments and YCEA team members as needed.
Select and implement suitable technology to streamline project development and management.
Assist in the management of YCEA related affiliate authorities, committees and ad hoc community stakeholders.
Assist in the development of key metrics to measure success and accomplishments for the YCEA.
Assist in the education and advocacy of economic development projects throughout the region we serve.
Other duties as assigned.

The individual must embody all of the characteristics of servant leadership and have the strategic ability to develop opportunities for the YCEA, facilitate positive growth and change for the region we serve.
Proven experience in a similar role.
Experience leading a project team to deliver positive outcomes.
Experience in project development, economic development financing, grant procurement and administration.
Solid understanding of data analysis, budgeting and operations.
A strong, strategic, mindset.
Ability to understand and positively effect organizational messaging.
Oversee performance objectives and tracking ROI for organization’s development efforts.
Ability to develop and effectively administer a department budget, as well as the ability to identify methods to diversify organization revenue.
Understanding and proven track record in managing internal communications
Exceptional writing, communication and presentation skills.
Ability to gather information internally from YCEA team colleagues and assemble as needed to effectively represent the organizational goals and objectives.
Fun, innovative personality with a willingness to create and try new ideas.
Firm grasp of economic development financing.
Swift ability to see opportunities for organizational growth and development.
Bachelor’s Degree in a related field. 7-10 years of relevant experience.
For consideration, please send resume with salary requirements to nbarry@ycea-pa.org.

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