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Seasonal Staff- Camera Operators

York Revolution
Job Description
Arrive 1 hour prior to game time, unless otherwise scheduled by your supervisor, for a meeting with the entire Press Box Crew. 
Other pre-game responsibilities include but are not limited to: 
  • Setting up, cleaning, and servicing camera equipment as needed. Operators will film live game action, as well as fan interaction, promotional games, contests, etc. 
  • Employees must be able to work well under pressure, make changes quickly, and take direction from the supervisor at all times. 
  • Professional, mini-DV cameras will be used and operators will need to know how to handle a fixed, stationary camera as well as a handheld. 
  • Equipment must be broken-down and returned to the supervisor each night before leaving. 
  • In addition, Camera Operators also staff other Press Box positions during game events, including music operator, instant replay operator, streaming broadcast operator, and LED board operator.  Other game duties may be required as assigned by your supervisor.