MicroNet Template

Machine Operator

York Container Company
Job Description
Job Summary:     Team lead for individual assigned work center holding primary responsibility for multiple facets of equipment operation including mechanical and computerized set-up as required, maintaining pre-determined production, quality and safety standards as they relate to individual job standards and York Container policy. Responsibilities also include maintaining equipment and organization of work area assigned to the individual.
Essential Job Function
  • Understand and follow detailed work instructions as supplied for each individual production run with a supplied production order ticket with listed requirements including CAD instructions, print card specifications, packing instructions and multiple other details included with the work order relating to the specific job.
  • Properly conduct all scheduled quality checks at set-up, start-up and periodically throughout the production run. This includes checking and comparing product directly to the CAD instructions, print card instructions to completely conform to all requirements set forth as related to each specific job, specifications are supplied by York Container.
  • Check product thoroughly throughout the production run at required intervals, which have been pre-determined per York Container’s quality process
  • Complete any purge sheets and quality checklists provided as well as quality sampling, paperwork, materials and data entry.
  • Perform simple mathematical problems
  • Operate measuring equipment and understand basic measurement properties.
  • Act as a team leader, which includes self-motivation and ability to motivate his/her team. Clearly communicate with and instruct other members of assigned work center.
  • Lift and prepare any required tooling related to assigned equipment.
  • High School Diploma/GED preferred
  • A minimum of 3 years’ experience as a machine operator in a manufacturing environment; Corrugated experience preferred but not required
  • Exceptional mechanical ability
  • Ability to proficiently use hand tools, small power tools, computerized set up process relating to assigned equipment
  • Ability to problem-solve and troubleshoot problems independently and as a team.
  • Ability to keep assigned equipment and related tooling maintained and organized.
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Basic math and measurement skills
  • Basic computer skills
  • Must be able to read supplied order sheets
  • Must be able to communicate in English.
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