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County of York
Job Description
  • The Office of Conflict Counsel Investigator is responsible for conducting intake interviews and investigations on behalf of the Conflicts Office. The investigator assists Conflict Attorneys through conducting intake interviews, noting any areas of concern with the police investigation and any investigative steps that need to be taken for the case. The investigator further assists Conflict Attorneys in trial preparation through conducting investigations as directed by the attorneys including conducting  witness interviews, taking scene photographs, obtaining records, issuing subpoenas and other investigative tasks as directed by Conflict Office attorneys.
    This position reports to the Chief Conflict Counsel with direct supervision provided by the Office Manager and oversight for individual investigations by Assistant Conflict Counsel.  This individual must maintain a cooperative working relationship with all employees within the office as well as employees of other departments and agencies in the court system and the county.
    This position requires an Associate's degree in Criminal Justice or 5 or more years of experience in a Criminal Justice field. The investigator must have knowledge of investigative techniques, interview techniques, police tactics, and relevant laws and be familiar with the Pennsylvania Rules of Evidence. The investigator must be able to interview and interact with persons of diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. This individual must be familiar with York County and the surrounding areas. The investigator must be comfortable in a fast paced high stress environment, be able to work within provided time constraints, and feel comfortable working in potentially dangerous conditions / situations. This person must demonstrate a professional demeanor in appearance, speech and behavior; and trustworthiness in maintaining confidentiality in all matters. This individual must cultivate and maintain relationships with law enforcement, experts and others involved with the criminal justice system.  Applicants must possess, or demonstrate the ability to rapidly acquire, proficiency in Microsoft Office Professional programs and the Conflicts Office case management system.
Responsibilities and Requirements:
  1. Responsible for conducting Conflict Office intake interviews for adult conflict cases in the office and at the York County Prison, utilizing the Conflict Office Interview Procedures.
  2. Responsible for all Conflict Office investigations for adult and juvenile Conflict Office cases
  3. Assist attorneys in trial preparation by engaging in a thorough review of all discovery and evidence provided by the Commonwealth, conduct a case conference with the attorney to determine the course and scope of the investigation, conduct the investigation providing periodic updates to the attorney, ultimately providing a written investigative summary and assisting with defense strategy.
  4. Provide trial support to Conflict Office attorneys by arranging witness transportation, the transportation of defense evidence, corroborating / investigating Commonwealth witness information learned during trial, testify at trial as needed and other support as required or requested by the attorney
  5. Have a working knowledge of the Crimes Code, Vehicle Code, Rules of Criminal Procedure and Rules of Evidence and keep up with changes in the law.
  6. Have working knowledge of police policy and procedures, including but not limited to policies and procedures relating to arrest procedures, inventory searches, police body camera and motor vehicle recording devices.
  7. Have working knowledge of various surveillance programs as well as audio and video recording programs used by police and businesses in York County
  8. Maintain good relationships with local and state police departments and as necessary act as a liaison between the Conflicts Office and the outside entity
  9. Use skill and experience to analyze evidence and evaluate truthfulness of clients, witnesses and other persons involved in a case
  10. Issue / serve subpoenas
  11. Have working knowledge of the Conflicts Office Case management system and be able to navigate all aspects of that system without assistance.
  12. Assist in maintaining a Conflict Office "Expert Data Base" by keeping expert information up to date, maintain relationships with current experts used by the Conflicts Office and meeting / conferring with new experts who may be helpful to the Conflicts Office in the future.
  13. Other reasonable request made by Conflict Office attorneys
  14. Other duties as assigned by a member of management
  • $16.37 Hourly
How to Apply:
  • Website   www.yorkcountypa.gov
Contact Information:
  • Human Resources  717-771-9099
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