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City of York
Job Description
The purpose of this position is to perform complex auditing and accounting work that includes analysis of financial transactions, preparation of financial statements, and reporting for the control and accountability of all City funds. This is accomplished by maintaining and supervising the accounting records; auditing daily records of City's various accounts' balances and bank statements of City accounts and petty cash; supervising the posting of all disbursements to budget ledger; auditing and approving all invoices against the City, signing payment warrants, and examining availability of funds; auditing and maintaining detailed records of receipts from the City Treasurer; preparing annual audit and Financial Report; maintaining liaison with other City Officials with new legislation and changes in legislation and budget appropriation; assembling Pension and Payroll checks; preparing annual department budget; maintaining Master File of the City's original contracts; and reconciling the Control account. Other duties include notifying the department if budget transfer is required; providing Controller services on the Pension Board; and sending out yearly Certification of Residency forms.
Audits and maintains daily records of City's various accounts by auditing daily cash receipts; checking budget vs. actual; verifying credit card, cash, and checks; filing daily check-ups of the cash receipts; reconciling the Control account; transferring money from the Control account to the other accounts; filing daily credit card receipts of garages, fire departments, and permits.
Supervises the posting of all disbursement to budget ledger by auditing and approving all invoices against the City; signing payment warrants; examining availability of funds; reviewing payables by making sure that the appropriate documentation is provided or is on file; checking budget vs. actual; auditing petty cash; notifying departments if a budget transfer is required; and monitoring budget and expenditures.
Maintains master file of the City's original contracts by checking the contract files; obtaining City Controller's signatures; routing files to appropriate departments; creating and uploading monthly contract file spreadsheet on the City website; and filing the original contract file.
Provides administrative and clerical support by typing various correspondences; answering the telephone; making photo-copies; ordering office-supplies; maintaining the filing system; and assembling Payroll and Pension checks.

Work requires contacts with management personnel and decisions regarding implementation of policies.  Contact may involve support of controversial positions or the negotiation of sensitive issues or important presentations or coming to a common understanding or satisfactory solution by collaboration, compromise, or developing suitable alternatives.
This job title normally performs the job by following established standard operating procedures and/or policies.  There is a choice of the appropriate procedure or policy to apply to duties.  Performance reviewed periodically.
This job title requires a comprehensive, practical knowledge of a technical field with use of analytical judgment and decision-making abilities appropriate to the work environment of the organization.
This job title oversees budget preparation of a division or department budget.  Reviews and approves expenditures of significant budgeted funds for the department or does research and prepares recommendations for organization-wide budget expenditures.
Bachelor's degree in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration or a related field of study is required.
Over five years up to and including seven years’ experience with bank reconciliations, cash flow management, contractual management, processing Account Payables/Receivables. 
Proficient in accounting software, Dynamics AX preferred.  

Apply: www.yorkcity.org
Operations Shift Supervisor
The purpose of this position is to maintain the efficiency operation and NPDES permit compliance of the WWTP. This is accomplished by overseeing and directing multiple employees in proper operation of the wastewater treatment plant; checking plant equipment for proper operation; preparing and reviewing work orders on malfunctioning equipment; assigning work orders to staff; training plant staff in the safe operation of the facility; maintaining adequate staffing levels; preparing and reviewing daily plant reports. Other duties include answering the phone and forwarding calls to appropriate individuals; placing calls to Sewer Maintenance crew when a sewer blockage occurs.
Oversees and directs employees in operation of wastewater treatment plant by supervising an operations staff and ensuring both water and solids permit parameters are met; monitoring plant operations using the GE computer software; directing staff to make changes if needed to ensure safe and efficient operation; reviewing process trends to find abnormal operating conditions and making changes where needed; reviewing log entries with staff to stay informed on maintenance and condition of plant; making periodic rounds of the plant and checking on process performance
Prepares and reviews work orders on malfunctioning equipment by coordinating work order projects with maintenance staff to ensure prioritization of tasks; writing up malfunctioning work orders in MP2; assigning work orders to staff to ensure work is adequately completed; calling in mechanic for malfunctioning equipment
Ensures the safe operation of the plant equipment and a safe working environment by reviewing MSDS materials with staff; reviewing safety standard operating procedures with staff; ensuring adequate safety equipment is available; reviewing confined space entry procedures; reviewing spill prevention and counter measure plan; performing safety inspections
Maintains adequately trained staff on the proper operation of equipment by performing one-on-one training; training staff to recognize abnormal operating conditions of the equipment and abnormal equipment operation; ensuring safe operation of equipment; instructing operators on acceptable techniques in collecting various samples and acceptable plant operating conditions
Prepares and reviews daily plant reports by generating daily operating reports; reviewing various reports; entering data into plant data software
  • Extensive knowledge of the methods, practices, procedures, and techniques used in the operation and routine maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant equipment.
  • Knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety procedures of the work.
  • Extensive knowledge of the GE computer system.
  • Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.
  • Ability to accurately complete plant operations paperwork.
  • Ability to plan, assign, and supervise the work of skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled employees engaged in the operation of the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Ability to prepare detailed reports.
  • Knowledge of maintenance and repair of wastewater treatment plant equipment and control devices
  • Ability to operate automotive equipment in a safe and courteous manner.
Knowledge of sanitary engineering principles as they relate to the operation of a modern wastewater treatment plant.
Associates degree in environmental science, chemistry or biology. Bachelor's degree in environmental science, chemistry or biology preferred.

Over three years up to and including five years.
  • Three years' experience in the operation of a wastewater treatment plant
  • Two years supervisory experience in a union environment.
Class A, Subclass 1- WWTP Operators License  

Apply: www.yorkcity.org
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