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Juvenile Probation Crew Coordinator

County of York
Job Description
This is a full time position providing paraprofessional probation supervision.  This employee will be responsible for the coordination of the Earn It Program – a program that offers juveniles a way to satisfy their restitution obligation to their victim(s).  Work responsibilities will include initiating contacts with agencies for work projects, buying and maintaining crew equipment, servicing the work crew van, supervising juveniles involved in the Earn It Program and writing summaries about crew projects.  This employee is a liaison between the part time crew workers and the supervisor of the Earn It Program. This employee will have a significant amount of interaction with juveniles on probation, the supervising probation officers, the general public and community agencies.
  • Meets with Juveniles and Parents to assess each child separately for participation in the Earn It Program, hours of availability to work and to discuss the expectations of the program.
  • Maintains case notes and conducts weekly evaluations on each juvenile.
  • Maintains contact with parents regarding juveniles behavior.
  • Addresses the behaviors of juveniles on crew and deals with any problems.
  • Communicates both orally and in writing with the part time crew workers regarding worksites, clients and transportation matters.
  • Contacts and communicates both orally and in writing with the referring probation officers regarding their clients on crew.
  • Maintains and services all crew equipment such as lawn mowers; weed whackers, hand tools, etc.
  • Arranges service maintenance of the crew van as needed i.e. yearly inspection, checking tires and fluid levels monthly, etc.
  • Purchases the necessary equipment and supplies needed by the work crew.
  • Maintains a running inventory of all equipment and condition of the equipment on a periodic basis.
  • Responsible to contact local agencies, organizations and businesses about possible community service projects or paid projects for the work crew.
  • Monitors and coordinates all projects such as the Litter Brigade Program, the Garden Project, landscaping and painting projects, etc
  • Schedules all work projects a month in advance for the daytime and evening work crews.
  • Follows up with all agencies on tasks completed and satisfaction with work performed.
  • Supervises a maximum of six juveniles on crew during day and evening hours.
  • Demonstrates good work ethics by working along side of the youth and modeling a positive attitude and doing quality work.
  • Maintains and revises the paperwork in the crew notebook i.e. attendance sheets, summary sheets, van mileage record and van maintenance reports.
  • Responsible for transporting the crew to and from the designated worksite.
  • Covers any vacancies in scheduling by the part-time crew supervisors. This would include evening and weekend hours.
  1. Associates Degree is required or a high school diploma and four years experience in criminal justice or a combination of experience and training. 
B. Skills:
  1. Ability to interact professionally with diverse populations/cultures.
  2. Computer Skills required.
  3. Ability to motivate clientele to fulfill obligations to the Court.
  4. Ability to develop creative strategies to assure program solvency and sustainability.
  5. Above average oral and written communication skills.
  6. Organized and adept at time management.
  1. A willingness to comply with court and departmental policies.
  2. A commitment to honesty, excellence, and professionalism in the workplace.
  3. A genuine interest in the well-being of adolescents and families.
  1. Criminal Background Investigation
  2. Child Abuse History
  3. FBI Fingerprinting
  1. Valid Driver's License
  • $14.73 Hourly
How to Apply:
  • Website   www.yorkcountypa.gov
Contact Information:
  • Human Resources  717-771-9099
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