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Compliance Officer II

City of York
Job Description
Compliance Officer II
The purpose of this position is to enforce local and federal wastewater regulations. This is accomplished by sampling waste waters; inspecting industries; administering program requirements; communicating with industrial contacts; tracking unusual discharges to the WWTP; assisting in completion of surcharge and analytical bills; obtaining quotes; and ordering supplies. Other duties include assisting in the preparation of the Chapter 94 report. Administers program requirements by reviewing self-monitoring reports; preparing bills; communicating program requirements to industrial users; filing documents; preparing business letters; keeping records up to date; entering data into system; reviewing permit requirements and comparing to industry activity and submissions; and reviewing and evaluating permit applications Samples wastewater by calibrating samplers; setting up samplers at industrial location; picking up sampler; filling waste water bottles; filling out documentation; splitting wastewater with industrial representative if necessary; pulling and replacing manhole lids; and driving to industrial sites. Inspects industries by walking through industry sites; documenting processes, water use, pretreatment systems, chemical storage, housekeeping, and other relevant information; reviewing information with the industrial representative; and prior to inspection, reviewing files and compliance history. Tracks unusual discharges to WWTP by pulling and replacing manhole lids; using ISCO samples when necessary; tracking sewer system using maps or GIS; and documenting findings. Obtaining, Clarifying or giving facts or information in highly structured situations.

Requires a comprehensive, practical knowledge of a technical field with use of analytical judgment and decision-making abilities appropriate to the work environment.

Good communication skills.
Attention to detail.
Work independently
Ability to work in the field and industrial environments.

Apply: www.yorkcity.org
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