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Director - Children, Youth & Families

County of York
Job Description


This position provides leadership for the County’s child welfare services.  Responsibilities include administration and oversight of programmatic, budgetary and service delivery functions to manage statutory and regulatory compliance as well as implementation of best practices that assure that children and older youth are safe and that their needs are met, including having a permanent family.  This is accomplished through delivery of prevention, supportive and protective services to families.


  • A Bachelor's Degree and five years of progressively responsible experience in the field of social services, including three years in an administrative or supervisory capacity in a children and youth social services program agency; or any equivalent combination of experience and training.
  • Knowledge of the state, federal and county standards, regulations and policies governing the children and youth social services program.
  • Knowledge of the principles of program interpretation and implementation.
  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of administration, supervision and community organization.
  • Knowledge of current social, economic and health problems and resources available to meet problems affecting children and youth.
  • Knowledge of individual and group behavior with special emphasis on children and youth needs and behavior patterns.
  • Knowledge of the policies and operations of Juvenile Courts and probation and parole agencies.
  • Ability to exercise judgment in interpreting and implementing state, federal, county and departmental program policies and procedures.
  • Ability to plan, organize, direct, and evaluate the work of a large children and youth program staff.
  • Ability to provide leadership and to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff members, other agencies, institutions and the general public.
  • Ability to evaluate staff and program effectiveness.
  • Ability to prepare comprehensive reports and to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.


  • Administration of all departmental functions for staff of a large county agency.  
  • Direct supervision of agency management. 
  • Oversight of the county’s child welfare budget allocation which supports the agency, Juvenile Probation, and Youth Development Center.
  • Direct annual agency budgetary development, management and monitoring process and procedures.  Apply historical analysis of expenditures and revenues, analysis of service trends and needs, and continual enforcement of cost control measures to maximize services while maintaining minimum share of County expenditures.  Assure grant and revenue management and monitoring to maximize state and federal reimbursement of funds and continuation of funding for special programs.  Responsible for compliance with all related policies and procedures for documentation of operating expenses and budget reporting.
  • Oversee development of county child welfare budget for multiple county departments.  Assure optimal levels of state and federal revenues to achieve highest return on County expenditures through maximal utilization of state and federal revenues available.  Submit budgetary projections and documentation of need to PA Dept of Human Services and County Commissioners and maintain reporting on a quarterly basis.
  • Provide support to agency management staff.  Responsible for agency compliance with all state and federal statutory and regulative requirements.  Participate in case reviews of complex cases involving legal/medical issues, establishing internal policy and procedures for all agency staff and insuring adequate staff training and development.
  • Oversee all personnel administration, including interviewing prospective job applicants, decision-making on hiring, terminations, promotions, leaves and other actions, and administration of corrective and disciplinary action.  Approve development and revision of internal personnel policy and procedures.  Implement performance evaluations and performance objectives process.  Maintaining high proportions of filled staff positions, and job satisfaction is essential to sustaining employment of experience staff and recruiting quality job applicants to fill vacant positions at all levels of the organizational hierarchy.
  • Oversee annual contract development with contracted provider agencies that support agency responsibilities.  Participate in contract negotiation process for the agency and, as appropriate, for jointly utilized (agency and JPO) child direct and placement services vendor agencies.  New contracts are established, as needed, through the year.
  • Meet with a wide variety of lay and professional groups and organizations related to agency functions, to promote collaboration in meeting the needs of County children and families.  Participate in regional and statewide workgroups and advisory groups to implement statutes and new initiatives, to analyze systemic issues and advise on best practice implementation.
  • Administrate development of various planning activities, annual needs-based budget and data evaluation, trend analysis and reporting for budgetary, performance and program planning purposes. Document community needs through information gathering, analysis and application to administrative evaluation.  Document effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery to County residents and proposed plans for best practices.
  • Interface with agency solicitor staff assigned to provide departmental representation under a variety of circumstances including but not limited to Dependency and Orphans Court proceedings, and with county solicitor on personnel matters, purchase of service contracts, etc. Work with all administrative branches of the Court of Common Pleas regarding matters impacting children and their families.  Participate on statewide workgroups and committees related to compliance with statutes, rules of court and best practices. Coordinate training for legal team members.
  • Collaborate with other county departments involved in development of human services planning and service delivery.  Interface with vendor agencies, community organizations and consumers in strategic planning activities and coordination of resources to meet public expectations and needs.  Coordinate resources included in strategic planning and service delivery to meet goals and objectives for the County’s human services system.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
Please check those items that apply to the essential job functions of the job title listed above. Each category must be completed.
  1. Following Directions
Full Understanding of both Written and Verbal Instructions Required
Understanding of Verbal Instructions Only Required
Understanding of Written Instructions Only Required

  1. Communication - English
Excellent Verbal Communication Skills Necessary
Basic Verbal Communication Skills Necessary
Limited or No Verbal Communication Skills Necessary
  1. Functional Reading - English
Fluent Reading
Recognition of Signs/Symbols
Simple Reading
No Reading Skills Required
  1. Hearing                                                                                       
Ability to Hear Required
 Limited Hearing                                                      
Hearing Not Required                                                            
  1. Seeing
 20/20 Vision with Corrective Eyewear
 Limited Vision
 Vision Not Required
  1. Functional Math
Complex Computational Skills (Accounting and Financial Skills)
Simple Computational Skills (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Percents)
Simple Counting Skills
No Mathematical Skills Needed
  1. Time
Must Tell Time to the Minute
Must Recognize Specific Times (Arrival, Departure, Breaks, Lunch)
  1. Orientation (Familiarity with Surroundings)
Several Blocks from Building
Building Only
Work Area                            
Room Only                          
  1. Mobility Skills           
Mobility within the Building
Mobility within a Four-Block Radius
Driving Required
  1. Sitting                                                                                           
75% - 100%
50% - 75%
25% - 50%                                
Less than 25%         
  1. Standing
 75% - 100%
 50% - 75%
 25% - 50%
 Less than 25%
  1. Bending                       
Knees and Waist
Waist Only
Knees Only
No Bending Required

  1. Lifting          
Greater than 30 lbs.         
10 - 30 lbs.
Less than 10 lbs.
No Lifting Required
  1. Reaching
Greater than 6 Feet          
2 - 6 Feet                 
Less than 2 Feet
Reaching Required
These statements are intended to describe the nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this position.  They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties required of the job incumbents.
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