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Behavioral Specialist

York County Library System
Job Description
Behavior Specialist
Jackson (York City School District)
Behavior Specialist Program
Mon – Fri 8:00am - 4:00pm, with some variation.
Director of Youth Services
Location: Full-Time/Exempt
Department: 40 hours per week/Exempt
The Behavior Specialist works with the family and other members of the treatment team, including school staff, to design and direct a
behavior modification plan that will meet the needs of the child and family.

Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Social Services, or related field from an accredited college or university is required.
Candidate must have at least three years’ experience working with disruptive and/or at-risk youth.
Candidate must have current PA Child Abuse clearance, PA Criminal History clearance, FBI fingerprint-based clearances, and
Mandated Reporter Training certificate.

Candidate must have excellent communications skills, establishing positive interpersonal relationships and leadership. Must have the
ability to effectively solve problems in a professional manner. (i.e., the ability to listen, and communicate effectively). Must have the
ability to work as a member of a team. Must also be courteous and able to deal effectively with people. Candidate has to be
cooperative, congenial, and service oriented. Must be flexible. Must also have demonstrated services as a community and school role

Possess an understanding of the school district’s philosophy, policies, and procedures relating to conduct, discipline, and
attendance outcomes for students and staff.

Provide behavioral support while supporting a positive and caring learning environment.
Serve as coordinator on the PBIS- Positive Behavior Support Implementers and as an active member on the Comprehensive
Student Support Team (CSST).

Demonstrate an understanding of current instructional practices that promote student achievement.
Understand the principles of effective classroom management.
Collaborate with school-based staff in the implementation of the behavior improvement plan.
Develop strategies for continuous student improvement.
Provide direction and guidance by assisting in student arrival and dismissal and within the classroom.
Communicate effectively with all stakeholders including parents, outside social service agencies, and law enforcement.
Ensure compliance in upholding and enforcing school rules, administrative policies, and state, municipal and federal regulatory

Demonstrate professional conduct with colleagues, students, and parents in accordance with District and local police, procedures,
and rules.

Lead by example through demonstrating punctuality, respectfulness, and responsibility and encouraging students to take pride in
their classrooms, school, and community.

Perform other duties assigned.
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